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Photo of Rev. Akasha Lonsdale, OneSpirit Interfaith Minister and Ceremony CelebrantReverend Akasha Lonsdale, ordained OneSpirit Interfaith Minister and Ceremony Celebrant

Mysticism, mystery and spirituality have always interested me and from my early teens I was investigating different religions and spiritual traditions. What I found at the heart of them all are the foundations for healthy living:  love, respect, compassion, integrity, forgiveness, truth, generosity, community and friendship.

However, I ultimately chose not to be aligned with any particular form of organised religion but to follow my deep spiritual core.  When I first heard about the OneSpirit Foundation with its inclusive teachings and philosophy of 'many ways; one truth', my heart sang!

So in 2004, after a successful senior career in Human Resources and thirty-five years as a psychotherapist, I Interfaith symbolembarked on a two year deep-dive training with the OneSpirit Interfaith seminary.  It took me into a deeper understanding of different faiths and connected me more profoundly to spirituality.

And since 2006 it has also given me the opportunity to create and conduct beautiful personalised ceremonies for wonderful couples and families. It also allows me to utilise my other skills of professional speaking, writing, facilitation, counselling and mentoring.

Weddings, funerals and baby blessings all come with their own associated emotions and stress, so being able to help beyond just creating and conducting a ceremony has proved invaluable for those I've had the privilege of working with over the years.


People often ask me "what do you do when you're "off-duty?" Well the answer is that I never consider myself to be "off-duty" because for me ministry is not a job.  It's who I am and it flows through every encounter I have, whether that be a passing smile, a general conversation, when I'm shopping, when I'm grumpy - or when I'm enjoying the privilege of creating ceremonies for wonderful people. I love what I do and if I were a stick of rock you'd find the words  people; authenticity; service, communication and unity stamped through it. (Yes, it would be a large stick of rock!)

I'd love to help you

If you are thinking of getting married, renewing your vows, have recently welcomed a new arrival to your family or need to say goodbye to a loved one, then please get in touch and we can arrange a time for a no obligation chat. I can also help if you are facing challenging times and need some support. After all, everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Wishing you abundant health, laughter and happiness.


Rev. Akasha Lonsdale-Deighton, OneSpirit Interfaith Minister and Ceremony Celebrant is also the author of the popular self-development book 'How to do Life' and the essential good guest guide 'Do I Kneel or Do I Bow?: What you Need to Know when Attending Religious Occasions'.

She is an inspiring and engaging speaker on a range of life-enhancing topics, and after thirty-five years as a psychotherapist, is a firm believer that happiness and confidence come from the inside-out.

For many years she has been a regular media guest. Her contributions have included BBC Radio and TV with Aled Jones, Jeremy Vine and Nicky Campbell. She has also been featured in many mainstream UK publications, and the Los Angeles Times.

Akasha is a member of The Professional Speaking Association 



If you would like me to create and conduct a beautiful personalised ceremony for you, here's how to contact me to arrange a time for a no obligation chat to discuss your own unique occasion:


Fixed line: 01249 813188

Mobile: 07836 796215.
(+ 44 and delete the 0 if calling from outside the UK)

Why not pop over to the Simply Divine Ceremonies Facebook page where you'll find a selection of ideas to help with planning your special day.


Photo of Rev.Akasha Lonsdale-DeightonA ceremony conducted by me would be perfect for you if you value working with an authentic professional who genuinely cares that you have the most appropriate ceremony for your needs.

Simply Divine Ceremonies are also ideal if :

You think of yourself as spiritual rather than religious.

You may have religious beliefs but your partner or family don't share those beliefs.